Why We Released New Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

APOC Caramel Swirl Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes
APOC Caramel Swirl Meal Replacement Shakes

We understand that some may consider APOC selling both dairy and vegan protein powders a conflict, so we would like to explain why we do.

Being an NDIS registered business, we supply medical and dietary products to facilities such as hospitals. We have an ethical obligation not to exclude or limit vulnerable individuals living with a disability from accessing proper nutrition. 

For example, if you know anyone living with autism, you would know that they can sometimes be particular about their food’s consistency, smell, texture, etc. To ensure that they receive their nutrition, APOC must provide them with a dairy and vegan option. We strive to be as inclusive and diverse as possible to ensure no one is limited from obtaining their daily essential nutrition.

We have added Vegan varieties to our product range to maintain our duty of care to those living with a disability and encourage everyone to try the vegan shake if they have that option. We have a plan within our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability policies to incentivise trying our vegan range. We achieve this by creating vegan products that are just as good or even better than the dairy version. 

One of the common reasons people tend to avoid vegan food is that their first time trying it wasn’t enjoyable. We understand this; however, while the vegan industry and the development of vegan products are still relatively young, it has gained a lot of traction over the last few decades and, just like most trending industries in recent years, has seen exponential growth during the 21st century and begun to really flourish! 

As we continue to gain the trust of our satisfied customers, we want to give back by using our resources to create the best-tasting vegan protein products on the market. We have proven that vegan protein really can compete with dairy protein when it comes to taste. 

Eating dairy-based products has been a staple part of almost everyone’s diet for centuries, so we understand that because it has been the norm for such a long time, it may never have occurred to us to do anything differently. Now we challenge you to try both so you can decide which option you feel is best for the health of not only yourself but for our planet.

We appreciate that your first impression of vegan protein, whenever that may have been, was probably not the best, but we strive to make sure that your second impression through APOC’s products is fantastic. We will incentivise our dairy-only patrons to try the vegan protein version by making the vegan products cheaper and providing regular discounts despite having a higher cost price than the dairy ones. By doing so, we can all work together to build a better, healthier future by reducing the amount of unnecessary dairy products consumed. 

Are your dairy and vegan products made in the same facility?

Yes, they are made in the same facility. However, the facility has strict manufacturing protocols that do not allow any cross-contamination of dairy-based and vegan-based products.

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