20-E (Strength)



125mL Bottle

• Build muscle
• Boost strength
• Create new muscle fibres
• Increase muscle fullness
• Better pumps
• Increase vascularity
• Increase performance
• Break plateaus

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“Get the Popeye effect!”

20-E is formulated with 20-hydroxyecdysone, a muscle building plant compound found in spinach and quinoa. 20-E is best used for maximising strength. APO Compounds has infused 20-hydroxyecdysone in a patented delivery system for enhanced bioavailability. 20-E assists with:

• Build muscle rapidly
• Boost strength dramatically
• Create new muscle fibres
• Increase muscle fullness
• Better pumps
• Increase vascularity
• Increase performance
• Break plateaus
• Reduce recovery time
• Burn fat
• Reduce estrogen
• Reduce water retention
• Support tendons and ligaments

Natural, safe, effective
• Safe for women
• Exists in nature
• Derived from plants
• No masculinising side-effects
• No liver toxicity
• No PCT needed

★★★☆☆ SIZE
★★☆☆☆ FAT-LOSS

Stacks Well With
RECOMP NSC-4060 5A-699
PCT 65-3H 23-T

Daily Dose Equivalence


The Key Ingredients of 20-E

  • Cyanotis Arachnoides Extract (Standardised 98% 20-Hydroxyecdysone)
  • Liquid Formula 11615™ (445, 433, 1521)


Directions For Use:
Take 2.3mL twice daily mixed in water, milk, or juice by stirring vigorously, shaking, or blending. The food must be consumed with an appropriate fluid intake of one cup. If used during exercise, the food should be consumed in accordance with directions to avoid the possibility of gastro-intestinal upset.

This food is not a soul source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. This product is a high fat food and should be used for special fat loading strategies.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Not suitable for children under the age of 18 years. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are taking medications seek medical advice before consuming this product.

This product does not claim to the prevention, diagnosis, cure, or alleviation of a disease, disorder or condition, or represented in any way to be for therapeutic use or is likely to be taken to be for therapeutic use; whether because of the way in which the food is presented or for any other reason.



Complimentary Medical Association Approved Supplier for 2019

Silver Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists for 2019

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3 reviews for 20-E (Strength)

  1. Adam N

    I have been taking the 20-E for 5 days now and i can tell you i’m very impressed with it so far, my healing time has halved, my DOMS is almost non existent, and I have already put on size (My wife told me this, she was impressed & scared as to how effective its been in less than 1 week!.)

  2. Dave c

    Sceptical at first but by week 2 some acceleration in recovery and gradually bumping up weight in every lift, have noticed less self control with temper, weight went up a tad but I’m lean bulking so it’s gradually fluctuating higher , introduced intra workout and pure cards pre getting more reps out every session. End of first month and I’m impressed and will touch base again each month before and after a pct, even if it’s not necessary, still early days with what sides this product will have..

  3. Phoenix

    This is mad sh*t 0 soreness wicked pumps good gains increase ur cholesterol with eggs walnut oil ect for a alpha test kick and zinc raw garlic 3 cloves day booom

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