Turkesterone capsule vs liquid 

To create a delivery system using hydroxypropyl-B-cyclodextrin (HPBCD) and turkesterone, there are two things which must be achieved. Firstly is pre-complexing the HPBCD with the turkesterone (click this link here to learn more about pre-complexing). Secondly, using an equal molar ratio of turkesterone and HPBCD. When you use HPBCD and turkesterone together for delivery, you must use triple the amount of HPBCD to turkesterone to maintain an equilibrium of the molar ratio. This gives the HPBCD and turkesterone the best chance to form a complex inside the human digestive tract; if the HPBCD and turkesterone isn’t pre-complexed. A gram ratio of 1:3 10% standardised turkesterone to HPBCD of a 500mg capsule, means there is 125mg of 10% turkesterone to 375mg of HPBCD. Out of this, only 10% of the 125mg is pure turkesterone. This means there is only 12.5mg of pure turkesterone per 500mg capsule.

Even though this 1:3 gram ratio of turkesterone to HPBCD in a capsule gives the body the best chance to form a cyclodextrin inclusion complex, this is inferior to having turkesterone and HPBCD pre-complexed in a liquid form. APOC has pre-complexed the turkesterone and HPBCD using their patented liquid complex formulation.

APOC uses 150mg of 40% pure standardised turkesterone per serve of Sterol II Advanced®. This means in a serve of APOC’s turkesterone product you get 60mg of pre-complexed turkesterone. This will be 4.5x more turkesterone than in a 500mg capsule (as above) if you consider the bioavailability of both our pre-complexed liquid and other brands plain mixed powder in a capsule to be the same. However, the bioavailability of APOC’s turkesterone is superior to a capsule product. This means APOCs product is at least 5x more potent. To learn more about bioavailability, (click this link to read the article).

We associate with the non-for-profit public company Independent Food & Therapeutic Authority (IFTA), the Australian registered charity Mind Medicine Australia (MMA), we are registered with the Australian government bodies as an official provider (PRN. 4-FZ33V3P) with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and a sponsor (ID. 70984) with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

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