From Extract Infused Beverage to Food for Medical Purposes

Post summary:

  • Nutrition information table ingredient breakdown changed.
  • 125 mL per bottle dropped to 120 mL per bottle to address customer serving size feedback.
  • Look of the product has changed.

Nutrition table ingredient breakdown changed.

Many new supplements on the market have begun including cyclodextrin in their products based on research performed in scientific studies(click this link to read about cyclodextrin liquid vs capsules). When providing products that include cyclodextrin, you must adhere to Australian legislation and label compliance guidelines. We note that these products on the market provide consumers with a general cyclodextrin/ingredient figure on the label i.e.

Figure 1. 500mg of (10% Turkesterone Hydroxypropyl-B-Cyclodextrin Complex)

The breakdown of the ingredients are hidden within the total complex value, this is misleading to the consumers. Unless disclosed, the only way to find out what the actual values are of the uncomplexed individual broken down ingredients is by having a sample HPLC tested by a registered authorised analysis facility

When changing over from APOC’s product category (Extract Infused Beverage) to (Food For Special Medical Purposes), we broke down the Phytonutrient and cyclodextrin complex inclusion to comply with legislation rather than providing a total amount of total cyclodextrin complex. 

125 mL per bottle dropped to 120 mL per bottle.

We have also lowered our total bottle size volume from 125 mL to 120mL. The total volume of the product has lowered, but we counteracted this by increasing the concentration of our formula. The reason for this is so that the serving sizes are more practical and rounded off to an easy serving figure. The old (Extract Infused Beverage) with the pipette was 2.3 mL serving size. The new and improved (Food For Special Medical Purposes) serving size is now 2 mL per serve, a practical rounded number. This was done to address quite a number of customers’ feedback for a more friendly usability and preference of precise serving size for those who are under custom training regimes. 

Look of the product has changed. 

We understand that products’ appearance changing might be frustrating, however, Australia’s supplement industry is governed by incredibly strict and heavy hitting rules which we must continue to comply with. TGA regularly hands out 10’s of millions of dollars worth of fines for non compliance with regulations. We’ve once again done everything we can to comply with updated legislation based on our consultations with the Independent Food & Therapeutic Authority and our TGA administration agent.

This does mean we’ve had to redesign the boxes and labels and make some important changes to the look and functionality of our products as well as product description changes. Some other changes are:

  • A spill-less utensil (A capped syringe) has replaced the old pipette, this allows for more accurate measuring and allows customers to measure out and transport their two daily serves in a small compact utensil rather than carry a full bottle around with them.
  • The names of the products have changed once more, however the codes for the products remain the same for example (20E and EP1 etc.) so you will always be able to use those codes as a staple reference.

For the time being 5A-699, NSC-4060 and 65-3H have been discontinued until further notice due to formulation issues. Some of you may remember that the formulas were thickening up making them difficult to use. For quality control reasons we have decided to take them off the shelf until the issue is fixed permanently through rigorous reformulation and R&D. We aim to reintroduce them back into the range sometime in the future.

However, it’s not all bad news as we’ve introduced two new products to go alongside our existing range. These products will be known as BCP Replenish (Our old APOCB2 product remastered) and Sterol II Advanced (Turkesterone product).

We associate with the non-for-profit public company Independent Food & Therapeutic Authority (IFTA), the Australian registered charity Mind Medicine Australia (MMA), we are registered with the Australian government bodies as an official provider (PRN. 4-FZ33V3P) with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and a sponsor (ID. 70984) with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

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