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A high protein, nutrient rich meal replacement shake for all ages.

Muscle Structure

Medical foods for the dietary support of muscle structure.

Metabolism & Energy

Medical foods for the dietary support of metabolism and energy.

Hormone Metabolism

Medical foods for the dietary support of hormone metabolism.

Introducing Protrient®

A protein packed, healthy meal replacement shake for all ages*. Supports muscle growth, development, weight-loss and energy.

PROTRIENT® finally, a single product for all ages

All things the body needs that you could be missing out on in an unbalanced diet for optimal health. Take the four question quiz for a free tailored PROTRIENT® regime based on your age, weight, gender, and physical activity. A Superior dietary intake of daily essential protein, complex carbs, fibre, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. PATENT PENDING.

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Your ideal APOC MEAL REPLACEMENT intake:

Disclaimer: If your weight is not an option in the quiz, please seek advice from a health practitioner. The Australian Dietary Guidelines only have recommendations for male and female genders. We apologise if your gender is not represented.

Medical Foods

For those who are limited to obtaining specialised nutrition (phytocompounds) from regular food.

Happy and healthy

What our customers are saying

Adam Murma

Been taking the 20-E for 15 days now and I can tell you i’m very impressed with it so far, my healing time has halved, my DOMS is almost non existent, and I have already put on size (My wife told me this, she was impressed & scared as to how effective its been in less than 1 week!.)



Sceptical at first but by week 2 some acceleration in recovery and gradually bumping up weight in every lift, have noticed less self control with temper, weight went up a tad but I’m lean bulking so it’s gradually fluctuating higher , introduced intra workout and pure cards pre getting more reps out every session. End of first month and I’m impressed and will touch base again each month before and after a pct, even if it’s not necessary, still early days with what sides this product will have..


Jay F

d with 20e Buy the time u crack 2nd bottle results come fast no sides more carbs # protein increase food volume lean beef chicken eggs fish every meal digest enzymes every meal 2g vita c 3times day creatine zmb hydrolysed collagen super greens morninga turmeric walnut oil msm low rep heavy wieght boom lean vascular gains 0 soreness ) thro in sum pine pollen and aggression is up 15kg mass in 6weeks with los of body fat very happy cus no bad sides n get to keep the gains.


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