About Us

Victor Chiruta FCMA MAICD MPS

Food Scientist

Victor has over twelve years experience working in the health industry. Victor has attained a Masters in Science majoring in Food Science, with a background in nursing and health science. He has a passion and love for the pharmacology of natural compounds with specialised knowledge in organic and biochemistry. Victor is the driving force behind the research and development of the APOC Nutrition health and medical food products. His advice and products truly reflect the passion he dedicates to deepening and expanding his knowledge and skills in many key areas of health and wellbeing. It is his progressive and innovative capacity to work with often uncommon and overlooked healing ingredients that really give Victor the extra edge. Whilst it may be an overused cliché, as a client, you can tell that he really does care.




Paulina Zemla FCMA NP

Senior Naturopath


Paulina is a health science graduate with postgraduate specialisation in autism. She majored in herbal medicine and nutrition having over ten years experience working in the health industry. Paulina has worked as a naturopath in health food stores, as a special needs educator with autistic children, and operates in the disability sector. Paulina is an integral part of our team for giving health and product advice for marketing, research and development. With her specialised interest in children’s health, she aims to uplift people and make a positive difference in their lives.




Jessica Morris RN

Registered Nurse


Jessica has over six years clinical experience as a registered nurse in the public health hospital system. She specialises in surgical medicine, but has experience in emergency medicine, orthopaedics, neurology, advanced airways ENT, plastics, and maxillofacial. She is finding a passion for holistic therapy and pursuing research into Eastern and alternative medicine.




Lachlan Atkinson FSS

Food Safety Supervisor


Lachlan is an accredited Food Safety Supervisor by the NSW Food Authority. He oversees the manufacture and distribution of the APOC Nutrition health and medical food products. Having further certification in food handling, his quality control is of the highest standard.




Robert Renshaw MBM

Master of Business Management

Robert has over seven years experience in business management and his skills are particularly utilised in the research and development of new and innovative products.




Joshua Andrew FC

Fitness Coach