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What makes us the most innovative health company in the world?

Well…. Where do I begin, hold my sammich!

APOC uses pharmaceutical industry level techniques and applies them to the health food industry. We’ve created products that people around the world said couldn’t be accomplished. We’ve patented manufacturing techniques and compound creations that people around the world also said couldn’t be accomplished. Despite the doubt, after years of highs and lows, we persevered and we got there. We now have some of the most novel inventions and products held within the international health sector.

The brains behind the research and development innovation of APOCs health products is a company called OCTAVIAN & DESMOND PTY LTD (O&D). One of the directors of O&D is the head scientific researcher for Mind Medicine Australia who works closely with the TGA to reschedule compounds to be approved for medical use in Australia and frequently publishes papers into international peer-reviewed scientific journals. They are the inventor of multiple game changing patents in the medical and health food industry, and are heavily involved in the medical regulation of novel medicinal treatments in Australia. These qualifications are vital when it comes to ensuring that our products do their job. 

The other Director of O&D is the key inventor of physiotherapy and sterilisation equipment that is sold to public hospitals throughout the Australian healthcare system, is the inventor of multiple game changing patents in the medical and health food industries, and they have years of experience with medical food processing facilitation. Their experience and skill are critical in ensuring that our products do their job. 

We are not only a health food company that sells retail products, we also offer private compounding for those who want a more tailored approach to their health.

APOC is an Australian registered naturopath clinic and is proud to provide Nutrition Replacement Therapy.


Why do we do what we do? 

APOC identifies obstacles in the community that can be solved using innovative health strategies. This is why APOC is not just your regular supplement brand, but has directly solved issues, by providing not only general food nutrition, but also specialised phyto nutrition to those who are limited from obtaining them in their current day-to-day life due to such restrictions as disability, time, and the world’s current climate.

O&D is owned by individuals that suffer from a disability and was originally intended to assist with their health, recovery and well-being but has grown into an entity that holds Intellectual Property (IP) and provides that IP to those working in the health food industry to provide better health to all, regardless of their personal circumstances. Two entrepreneurs named Catherine Scott and Joshua Andrews saw the potential of O&D’s intellectual property and thought that the public should have access to these products as well. Since then, O&D now exists as an entity of centralised IP to provide knowledge and experience to the community through the means of specialised products such as Medical Foods and Meal Replacements.

Growing fast 

Since APOC’s launch in 2018, we have gone from operating from operating from one location in NSW, to now operating from two locations in NSW, and two locations in QLD. 

How does APOC intend to contribute to sustainability?

Currently, APOC sells both dairy and vegan high protein meal replacements, however, in the long term we are going to work closely with consumers to strive toward selling vegan products only. How will APOC reach the point of selling only vegan meal replacements? There is a large interest in people moving over to vegan products for lots of reasons. Some want to avoid cruelty in the food we eat and others want to ensure a sustainable future. In our opinion, they both work hand in hand. A hurdle we have faced during our soft launch trial with many first time consumers of vegan powdered products, is they have a preconceived idea that “vegan products don’t taste as good as the dairy products”. Our goal is to run for a period of time offering both vegan and dairy products, completely identical except the fact that one is dairy based and one is vegan. We intend to conduct our own consumer scale study and continue to develop our vegan variation of the product to be indistinguishable from the dairy version in flavour and consistency. We want to prove once and for all that vegan products can not only be just as delicious, but also just as effective as a dairy product through the means of research conducted by our own team.

APOC, also being an NDIS registered supplier, has made  commitments to the NDIS community. Some of the individuals within this community, for example, those who live with Autism have very specific food requirements. Some cannot eat certain food with particular flavours or textures. This is a major contributing factor when making sure that our vegan products are indistinguishable to the dairy variation before discontinuing our dairy range.

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